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By Wellpets Kallangur on 11/10/2018

As we welcome spring and warmer weather we also welcome the season for nesting birds.  You may now notice on your walks fledglings on the ground.

Fledglings are baby birds that have left the nest before they can fly but are most likely under the watchful eye of their parents who will be teaching them essential survival lessons as well as bringing them food.  The youngsters will have some feathers, a short tail and be able to perch.  Their development is very rapid, and they will soon be flying.  It is important to leave fledglings as they are as this is a natural stage of their development.  Quite often people may think fledglings have fallen from a nest and take them to a vet or carer as they feel they are in danger, unbeknownst to them they have just ‘kidnapped’ the baby bird.

If you do come across a fledgling and feel they are in danger of a predator, please place them on a nearby branch the right size for them to grip, then move away so you can watch the adult birds attend to it, they may take a few minutes to appear.  If you happen to find a bird that has no feathers with no nest or parents in sight, or a bird that is sick or injured please do not attempt to offer food or water but rather keep it warm and seek veterinary advice.  Of course, if you find yourself unsure please call us so we can offer advice. Alternatively call the RSPCA on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625).   


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